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The OneOrlando Fund was set up by Mayor Buddy Dyer and is managed by the OneOrlando Fund Board which represent the diversity of Orlando, including those in the Hispanic and LGBTQ communities.

Open and Transparent

The OneOrlando Fund Board is committed to being open and transparent in the entire process. This includes providing an opportunity for public input and for each victim to have a private meeting with the Fund Administrator if they so choose.

100% to Victims’ Families and Survivors

The OneOrlando Fund is committed to providing 100% of all money being raised directly to victims’ families and survivors.

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OneOrlando Fund Update – April 7, 2017

Today, the OneOrlando Fund will begin the second and final distribution payments from the OneOrlando Fund.  Since the first distribution, an additional $2,080,931.82 in donations has been received. On March 3, 2017, the OneOrlando Board voted unanimously to disburse the additional donations on a pro-rata basis to those who were verified as eligible for the […]

OneOrlando Fund Distribution Update

The OneOrlando Fund has distributed $27,410,000 for 299 claims, representing 98 percent of all eligible claims filed. Six claims remain unpaid because consensus on a distribution plan by the family members has not been reached.  The Orange County Bar Association is providing mediation services to assist families in reaching a consensus. If the parties can’t […]

OneOrlando Fund to Begin Payment Distribution

Today, the final distribution plan for the OneOrlando Fund was unanimously approved by the Board. In total $29.5 million was donated to the OneOrlando Fund.  Today, the Board approved the allocation of funds to 299 claimants in four categories – deceased, injured with hospitalization, injured with outpatient treatment and present inside Pulse. The processing of payments from the […]

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